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Ready to Boost Your Brand with Unique Content Creation? Em & Me Studio is Your Go-To for Tailor-Made Content, Perfect for Small Businesses Aiming to Amplify Their Impact!

Compelling visuals for your brand

Leverage our in-house design team to create visuals that convert

What you get:

  • A dedicated creative director for your account
  • A dedicated design team
  • Weekly check-ins & brainstorms
  • Direct Slack channel access
  • Integrated marketing content calendar for your business

We will implement known strategies that have helped businesses grow like yours with strategies we've built our own brands with. Contact us for your personalized plan and quote.

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Meet Your Elite, Ready-to-Deploy Content Team!

So, here's the thing: we're not your typical, stuffy agency. We're a bunch of savvy millennials, totally dialed into the digital marketing world. We're all about cutting through the red tape and getting straight to the good stuff – amazing results. Think less formal, more fantastic!

Meet the team

Emily Gillis

Creative director, lead creative teams across small and large businesses such as Wisher Vodka and Abercrombie & Fitch.

Alex Terry

Media buyer, with experience running teams at Fortune 50 brands and managing over $100m in paid media creative assets.

Hannah Wynn

Designer, has worked in social media and creates UGC content for brands and designs your content.

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