Frequently asked questions

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What is your processing time?

Our processing times vary as we are a small business crafting each time by hand. Currently our acrylic tag processing time is 10-15 business days. If you are just ordering a seasonal mini, processing time much shorter. Please know once the package is received by the mail carrier, arrival times are out of our control. Once it leaves out studio, you should receive a tracking code from the mail carrier in an email from us. If it doesn't come through feel free to reach out to

What are your tags made out of?

Our newly crafted tags are created using acrylic material. The engraved designs and phone numbers are skillfully filled with enamel paint. Rest assured, the acrylic and enamel used is both waterproof and resistant to various weather conditions. However, it is important to note that the tags are not indestructible and may not withstand chewing or scratching. If your furry friend has a knack for chewing, please take extra caution and ensure they cannot access the tag while wearing it. We cannot emphasize this point strongly enough! Below is an example of a tag worn by a medium sized dog for over a year of wear and tear so you can see how they will hold up over time.

14 months of wear and tear EM & ME Studio dog tags

What is included in your standard hardware?

Our tags include a silver split ring for attaching to your pet's collar. We recommend directly attaching it to the collar without adding a jump ring in between. This ensures proper security and reduces the chances of snagging during regular activities.

What if my dog chews his/her tag?

While our acrylic tags are durable, please note that they are not puppy chew proof. We cannot be held responsible for broken or chewed tags. It's important to be aware that a broken tag may have sharp edges, similar to other plastic materials. We strongly advise against leaving tags or collars on your pup unattended.

Can I return items from Em & Me Studio?

We accept returns on our un-personalized items. However, products with added customization cannot be re-sold and are non-returnable or refundable. We strive to address any issues with custom pet tags within the first 30 days. After that, the responsibility for your tag lies with you. As a small but dedicated team, we make every effort to provide excellent service to our valued customers. We kindly request fairness in your requests as we serve a large number of amazing customers like yourself! 😊