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Five must-try summer cocktail recipes

Check out these Five must-try summer cocktail recipes! This year, we are spicing things up a bit with five of our favorite cocktail recipes that keep us smiling all summer long. From grapefruit & grenadine, to fresh mints and cucumber, we’ve got quite the range for any occasion you might be considering.

We’ve carefully crafted each cocktail to help you stand out and surprise your guest list as well.

There aren’t too many holidays during the summer season as most people tend to travel during these months and it can be quite challenging to get people together. But, there is one holiday here in the states that is sure to get everyone outside, and that is America’s independence day! The 4th of July is widely known for its bombastic fireworks and grilled meats. However, there is a classier side that often goes unnoticed and that is cocktail hour before the meal begins.

First up on our Five must-try summer cocktail recipes countdown is “The 4th of July”

4th of July

The “4th of July” is a beautiful drink that is easy to drink (almost too easy) and is a bit fancy in its presentation. It’s freshness tastes great on the lips and is really quite refreshing on a hot summer eve.


1.5 ounces of Gin

8 Basil Leaves

1 Grapefruit


Juice the whole grapefruit into a cup.

Add your ice cubes, basil leaves, and gin into a cocktail shaker and vigorously shake and pour into a cute cup!

The Summer Classic

Summer classic is even more refreshing than the “4th of July” because its clever mixture of Lime and Cucumber. This drink is a classic twist on a Gin and Tonic, but tastes less bitter than usual. It has a great finish to it and a very hydrating first gulp. This is a sipping drink that would befitting of a nice wrap-around porch on a hot summer day. Break out your sunnies and kick-it on the swinging bench!


1.5 ounces of Gin

4 slices of Cucumber

5 ounces of Tonic

1 squeeze of Lime


Muddle the cucumber with lime and pour Gin and Tonic over the muddled juices.

Summer Punch

If you are looking for a spin on the usual trash can punch that brings the party in a more adult way, look no further than this Summer Punch recipe. It has amazing color to it and a complexity to it that comes off a bit smoky once you’ve added the bitters into the mix. It is definitely easy to drink, but you can take a it slow as well. The crushed ice really keeps it chilled and while it may sweat on the table, it will keep you from sweating in the chair. Keep it cool this summer with this fun and super tasty cocktail!


3 ounces of dark Rum

3/4 ounces of lime juice

1 ounce of simple syrup

1 spoonful of Grenadine

3 dashes of bitters

5 ounces of crushed ice

8 ounce glass


Add your ice cubes, rum, lime juice, syrup, Grenadine, and bitters into a cocktail shaker and pour into a tall glass.

Summer Mojito

The summer Mojito is one of the oldest refreshing drinks in the books. But how about a Mojito without any actual alcohol?! This Mojito is made with Lime La Croix! How cool is that?! It really tastes just like the real thing without the headache the next day.


6 ounces of Lime La Croix

2 sprigs of Mint

3 wedges of lime

2 ounces of crushed ice

8 ounce glass


Muddle the lime and the mint into a cup and place the ice on top of the mixture and pour the La Croix over it to create the perfect alcohol free mojito!

If you tried any of these recipes, we would love to see how they turned out for you! Please tag us on social media so we can check them out!

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