How to express your love to someone remotely

How to express your love to someone remotely

Whether it’s a birthday of your loved one, holiday party or anniversary of your special day, every party brings its excitement along with it and we go in depth on how to express your love to someone remotely. Normally parties are celebrated at special venues or some hotel but with those sort of not available to us during the global pandemic happening right now we thought we would put together some thoughts on how to celebrate life’s little moments and express your love remotely.

The remote party concept is getting a boost nowadays. So even if your loved ones are far away, a remote party could be your answer.

Remote Birthday Party

If it’s the birthday of your loved one, make sure you don’t miss this chance to have a remote party. Arrange a video conference call with your other family members and bake a birthday cake as well. You can outfit the Birthday Cake with a colorful icing and we also offer Cake Toppers that can really make it special. This cute cake topper will delight guests at your loved one birthday party. The topper comes in a few different colors so you can choose the one that best fits your scheme.

Wedding Anniversary Remote Party

If your celebrating one of the big milestones during this time, and you family is all spread out like ours is, you can still make some special memories during this time by pooling footage of past experiences and sending them off to our friends over at Isbell family films they recently put the cutest video together for our family for the holiday. Isbell does a really great job with their video editing and it really pulls at your heartstrings. They are a really great option to express your love remotely.

Friendship Day Party

Friendship day July 30th, and we sincerely hope this pandemic is behind us by then, but if we are still on stay-at-home orders now is the time to really go big with your friends. Now is the time to really reach out to people you haven’t connected deeply with in a while. If your friends are far away and this special day comes, a remote party is the best option. So, set up a themed party and see who can best decorate their webcam background or wear the greatest outfit. A friend of ours recently wore a Joe Exotic outfit on a conference call and it had everyone rolling in laughter.