Introducing the tiny tag series

Small Tags for Petite Pals

Is your furry friend more of a pocket-sized dynamo than a couch potato? We totally understand. That's why we've introduced the Tiny Tag Series, meticulously crafted for those pint-sized companions who pack a punch of joy into your life. Perfect for the little adventurers with grand spirits, our Tiny Tag Series celebrates the big personalities of our smaller pets.

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Tremendous Charm

Introducing our latest collection: the Pixie Series, specially designed for the smaller members of your fur family. These tags may be small, but they pack a mighty punch of personality. Why should your tiny companions settle for anything less than extraordinary?

Petite Praise

Every little pet has a big heart, and our Pixie Series is here to match it. These tags elevate your petite pet's style, letting their big personalities shine through in a small package. It's time for your mini mates to strut their stuff with the same flair as their larger counterparts.

Durability Meets Delicacy

Smaller pets embark on their own kinds of adventures, and the Pixie Series tags are crafted to endure them all. Made from materials that are both sturdy and elegant, these tags are built to last through cozy cuddles, spirited sprints, and everything in between. Let your little ones live large with tags designed for their size but worthy of their immense spirit.