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Fall back in love with these Valentine’s day ideas

Are you searching for valentine's day ideas? If yes, then you landed in the right place. Valentine's day is around the corner, and it is time of the year to again fall back in love with the world and each other. We know many of you have already planned to make the day special. But there is no harm in looking for better options. It is a day of love, a most celebrated day and people spend a considerable amount to make it more romantic. But it's thrilling if you can surprise your loved ones with something unique this valentine’s day. So, let's find something unique yet affordable to appreciate cupid's big day properly.

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Make a list of unique valentine’s day ideas:

If you live in Chicago, we are sure that you spend valentine's day with flowers and chocolates. But let’s make this year different by trying something unique and trendy for your loved ones. So, this year we are setting up a pop-up for the first time to make this day even more special. We are presenting our top valentine's day gift ideas from the studio.

Valentine’s day ideas:

Valentine’s day ideas - love is love  pet tag collection from em and me studio

Dog tags:

Valentine’s day isn’t just about couples. On valentine's day, you don't want to forget your four-legged friends. Yes, we are talking about your best buddy. So, there is nothing better than valentine's day themed dog tags. We're sure your four-legged friend will proudly show off this great gift. In addition to this, it is the best gift if you want to give it to someone else’s dog. We are presenting diverse options in our pop-up shop like:

Best friends stir sticks:

Apart from the dog tags, there is an option of "best friends stir sticks." Although these things are different from traditional gifts like flowers and scents -- So, spell out your love with these cute stir sticks. However, we are offering a lot more variety in these sticks. Here are some options to choose from the pop-up shop.

Moreover, many more different varieties of items like these can bring colors to make the day more memorable.

Love shaped jewelry:

If you are in Chicago, then visit our valentine’s day themed shop to get heart-shaped jewelry. Each product is different and the best way to bring a smile to your loved one's face. We are offering the following hot choices in the jewelry section:

Details about the EM & ME studio pop-up event:

We are setting up a pop-up shop and offering things for friends, family, loved ones, and pets. So, if you are in Chicago, then you shouldn't miss out on this vast opportunity to gift special items this valentine's day. Here are the event details:

You can visit the location at the said time to find out fantastic valentine's day special collections whether you and your significant one isn't living together. So, don't miss out on this exclusive "LOVE IS LOVE" collection to add a thrill and passion to your relationship.

Come out and see us! We would love to meet you! Bring your pet, we may be tempted to give them all of of the pets, you've been forewarned!