Pool Party Sparkle Nail Set


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Product Description

Feel the warm sun and watch it reflect off these poolside nails. Blue glitter and heart detail with aurora beads bring the cool waters to your fingertips of this Pool Party Sparkle Nail Set.

A short to medium size square Britney Tokyo Aprés Gel-X press-on shape. Sizes for a petite to average nail bed size. 
Thumb - 1
Index - 4
Middle - 3
Ring - 4
Pinky - 8

Made with quality products from Japan, South Korea, and the UK.

Application Instructions: Clean bare nails with acetone or nail cleaner, dry and then apply the nail stickers to nails. Follow by placing the nail art on the stickered nails.

Nails are reusable, as long as they are removed carefully.

Each nail set is individually painted and packed by our nail specialist partner CK Bubbles.

Nail Sets are made to order and take up to two weeks to ship. Nails sets include: 10 press on nails, cuticle pusher, nail stickers, mini nail glue tube, and nail file.

Sets will be mailed in bubble wrap shipping bag with nails in a protective box.

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Frequently Asked Questions

General Pet Tag Questions

For most of our tags, Yes for an additional charge. Please reach out and we can talk about colors! Then we will make a custom listing just for you. We need to charge an additional fee for customizations that go beyond the product descriptions. This is because we have to change our regular process, which can include extra design time and test cuts. We do this for extra customizations like font styles, colors, or sizes.

Yes, We can do a custom tag shape and graphics. We charge an additional fee in addition to the price of the tag. If you are interested, please reach out!

Our minis are designed to fit on a standard split ring with your pet tag. We believe having less rings makes the tags jingle less and less likely to get caught on stuff.

Check out the size guide for our recommendations. Overall, our tags are very lightweight, so it just depends on the style you want and if the size will bother your pet.

Wash with warm water and liquid soap. Avoid any harsh soaps or scrubbing tools.

Our tags are made from high quality laser cut acrylic.

We think they are pretty durable for the average pet, but every pet is different and you know them best. We also recommend that when wearing the tags, pets are not able to chew on them. We have had some of our customers have them on their pets for years with no problems and others may break after a few months. We certainly will try our best to help if it breaks quickly after receiving, but please use your best judgement on your dog’s personality. Pet accessories are subject to wear and tear and it is the responsibility of the owner to keep an eye on the condition to make sure it is safe for their pet. For best results we highly recommend attaching it with a single ring directly to the collar to avoid any way it can get caught, unlike using extension rings or stacking multiple together.

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We paint each tag by hand and ensure it is to perfection. In order to keep our quality of standards high we require 2 weeks of packing and handling time to get your order just right!